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Simplify your operations with tools and applications tailored to your needs.

As experts specialized in technology solutions integration, we carefully evaluate the available options on the market to precisely meet your requirements. We also develop custom solutions when needed to ensure seamless integration.


Business Solutions Integration

Say goodbye to the hassle of integrating your business solution! We take care of the entire process, from implementation to operation, allowing you to quickly become operational with your data effortlessly.

Experience hassle-free end-to-end service for the setup of your digital solutions.


We are an authorized partner of Zoho, offering a range of tools to operate your business.

We can help you integrate business tools such as:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

  • Invoicing and expenses Accounting management (bookkeeping)

  • Inventory management

  • Ticketing system (customer service)

  • Project management

  • Task management (To-Do's)

  • Contract management

  • And much more...


We take care of:

  • Configuring the tool according to your specific requirements

  • Importing your existing data, ensuring seamless integration

  • Integrating with your related tools, ensuring perfect harmony

  • Quality control of functionalities for a flawless experience

  • Comprehensive training for your staff and assistance for a smooth transition to operations.

Simplify your business management with our custom solutions, designed to meet your professional requirements precisely.

Our custom solutions are developed on Low Code platforms, offering numerous advantages.

Clients benefit from:

  • Rapid app development, no need to start from scratch

  • Reduced development costs and no infrastructure maintenance

  • Flexibility and scalability to quickly integrate new requirements

  • Built-in security to protect your sensitive data

  • And much more...

We take care of:

  • An in-depth analysis of your business needs to define the application's mission to be developed.

  • A thorough collection of functional requirements to design a fully customized solution.

  • Designing the solution, focusing on a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for rapid deployment.

  • Developing the solution and importing your existing data.

  • Integrating your related tools, if necessary, for seamless harmony.

  • Ensuring quality control of functionalities to guarantee an optimal user experience.

  • Training your staff for easy adoption of the solution and efficient operational implementation.

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Custom Solution Development

With our custom solutions, you can manage your business efficiently and with peace of mind. Benefit from a fully tailored solution that simplifies your operations and maximizes productivity.


Functional and acceptance testing








Analysis of

your operations


Configuration and
data import

Our 6-Step Approach

Collaborating at Work

Innovate and automate your operations with ZOHO Creator

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