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Transform your ideas into effective and tailor-made solutions

At Raion Solutions we believe that every company should be able to manage their work processes with innovative and personalized software. This is why we offer the services of Zoho Creator, a pioneer in the low-code application space. With this intuitive development platform, companies in all industries can turn their ideas into applications to encourage rapid growth and increased competitiveness.

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Why Businesses Choose Zoho Creator

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Simplified application development

Whether you're retrieving information from a report or automating a workflow, Zoho Creator combines an intuitive user interface with guided scripting, making application development effortless.

Simplify IT complexity and cost

Build apps, make updates, and add new features without having to go through the typical, time-consuming development process. Significantly save on overheads like server monitoring and maintenance.

Extensive third-party integrations

Zoho Creator offers pre-built integrations and APIs to help you connect with software systems. Streamline your digital transformation by augmenting, not replacing, legacy systems that still work for your business.

Commitment to Data Security

In compliance with global standards and industry regulations, Zoho Creator offers comprehensive security features, such as audit logs, user access controls, and automated threat assessment.

Designed and optimized to operate reliably

Whether you have built a simple ticketing application or a complex ERP, we have what you need. Creator guarantees 99.9% uptime to ensure that your vital business operations are uninterrupted when they are needed most.

Flexible pricing plans - No hidden costs

Zoho Creator offers flexible pricing plans to support organizations of all sizes. Choose the plan that best suits your business and pay either monthly or annually.

Zoho Creator is enriched by integration with the following Zoho products:

A proprietary programming language that makes automating business processes simple.

A Business Intelligence platform that transforms your raw data into actionable insights.

A workflow automation solution that facilitates integration with a multitude of APIs from various external solutions.

Application GEMK

GEMK - Rental Property Management 

real estate gemk_edited.png

Real Estate Client:GEMK  -  Online from: 2018

Initial customer need:  The client, Immobilier GEMK, was struggling to effectively manage its rental property management operations using paper notes, multiple Excel spreadsheets and email follow-ups. This inefficient approach made it difficult to visualize the entire lease lifecycle, track overdue and receivable payments, and manage service calls. With an increase in the number of doors for rent, the management time also increased.

Brief description of the application:  MANAGEMENT OF RENTAL PROPERTIES

The solution put in place allows building owners to manage their rental fleet in a simple and intuitive way. Case study >


Testimonial: GEMK - Rental property management 

"The bespoke solution has allowed us to efficiently track and manage rent, amenities, service calls and leases for over 40 apartments. We now have a centralized view of our operations and finances, and I appreciate especially the ability to collect payments directly from my iPhone!"

Kevin Sarah | Owner

GEMK - Rental Property Management 


Real Estate Client:Koala Auto Credit  -  Online from: 2020

Initial customer need:  Koala Auto Credit needed to modernize its operations, initially managed with Excel spreadsheets and handwritten notes. With strong growth, the company encountered difficulties in managing the overload of work, making its operations unscalable. Providing an account statement took about 15 to 20 minutes, generating inefficiency. The client was therefore looking to automate and optimize the management of automotive finance contracts, payments, fleet management and other aspects to become more efficient and scalable.


The solution put in place allows assignees to automatically manage used car financing contracts, the vehicle fleet, payments to be received, expenses, overdue accounts and cases of contract termination. It also offers advanced functionalities, including management dashboards allowing a real-time overview of operations, as well as a financial balance sheet dashboard for an in-depth analysis of the company's financial performance. Additionally, the solution integrates direct debit payment functionality via the ACH method, providing a convenient and secure payment experience for customers.​ Case Study >


Testimonial: Koala Auto Credit - CAR LOAN FINANCING (3RD CHANCE CREDIT)

"Before, we managed everything manually on Excel sheets, which required a lot of time and resources. Now, thanks to the solution put in place, all our tasks are automated, our data is synchronized, and our company has experienced a significant increase in turnover. The whole team benefits from this solution which allows us to operate seamlessly, even from our mobile devices."


Martine Carriere | Director of Operations

Koala Auto Crédit

Get the most out of Zoho Creator:

a wide range of benefits


Access to 550+ integrations for increased compatibility with your systems


Realize your application projects optimized for all types of devices


Take advantage of AI without coding, a simple and innovative opportunity


Automate your processes easily with an intuitive visual representation


Obtenez une analyse en temps réel de vos données, pour une prise de décision rapide et éclairée


Centralisez la gestion de vos logiciels sur une plateforme, pour une efficacité optimale

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