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Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP grant): financial assistance for your online business!

What is a CDAP grant?

CDAP stands for the Canadian Digital Adoption Program. The CDAP grant provides financial support to businesses interested in modernizing their operations and increasing efficiency through the use of new technologies. This opportunity not only represents an investment in your current systems, but it is also a stepping stone to overall digital transformation.

Improve your business technologies with the CDAP grant

In today's rapidly changing economic landscape, advanced business technologies are essential to remaining competitive in Canada. Recognizing this need, the government launched the Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP), providing a generous grant to help businesses integrate cutting-edge technologies. This program is overseen by the federal agency responsible for managing the Innovation, Science and Economic Development in (ISED) portfolio. At Raion Solutions, we understand the importance of this initiative for business development and growth.

We guide businesses in reviewing their technology infrastructure, facilitating the integration of solutions that automate and streamline business processes. Our tailored approach ensures that the technologies adopted coincide with your business’s unique objectives and requirements. By taking advantage of the CDAP grant, your company can reduce implementation costs, improve internal collaboration, and deliver enriched user experiences.

Get a $2400 Financial Assistance Grant to Boost Your Online Business with the CDAP-Quebec Program!

Are you a small/micro business owner or solopreneur in Quebec looking to develop your online business, but facing financial challenges to invest in your project?


Don't worry, we're here to help! At RAION Solutions, in partnership with CDAP-Quebec, we offer you the Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP), which provides you the opportunity to receive $2400 to realize your online project!


We take care of your entire application process, providing you with a turnkey service, maximizing your chances of being accepted into the program, and acting as experts in implementing your online marketing strategy.

Here are examples of accepted projects:

  • Online product or service sales (online store)

  • Customer Portal (secure interaction with your customers)

  • Online reservation tools (e.g., website integration with Calendly)

  • Online submission, ordering, and invoicing system


The CDAP grant program process

The application process involves detailing how your proposed project aligns with program objectives and contributes to the growth of your business in the online domain. You can submit your membership request via this online form. We take care of your eligibility request for the CDAP grant program. Once approved, you will be supported throughout the process to implement your digital strategy.

Sign up now to easily and quickly assess your eligibility

How to Get the Grant


Step 1

Identifying and prioritizing needs


Step 2

Formulating the e-commerce project, preparing and submitting the application


Step 3

Receiving and signing the grant agreement


Step 4

E-commerce project implementation and documentation of supporting documents


Step 5

Official request for fund disbursement for the project


Step 6

Receiving electronic fund transfer

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Have at least one employee or have earned over $30,000 in gross revenue in the last fiscal year

  • Be registered or incorporated

  • Sell goods and services directly to consumers (B2C)

  • Be accessible to customers or provide them services in person or online


Not eligible: Business chains, franchises, registered charities, and brokerage companies (real estate, investments, insurance, etc.).

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Sign up now to assess your eligibility and take advantage of this exceptional opportunity!

Additional benefits of the CDAP grant program

In addition to the $2,400 micro grant you will receive, the CDAP grant program offers considerable benefits for your business.

This means you can boost your sales, broaden your customer reach, and enhance your online presence. With our guidance and expertise, you'll maximize the benefits of digital tools, providing an exceptional experience for your customers. CDAP is not just a grant; it serves as a catalyst for achieving online success online success. 

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  • What is the difference between the CDAP  grant stream 1) “Grow Your Business Online” and 2) “Boost Your Business Technology”?
    CDAP contains 2 components. The first CDAP grant component “Boost Your Business Technology””, as its name suggests, aims to strengthen the technological capabilities of a company and offers a grant of up to $15,000. It is designed to support businesses in the adoption and integration of advanced technologies that can contribute to their growth and competitiveness. Examples of eligible projects under this grant include implementing advanced software systems, upgrading hardware infrastructure, and integrating innovative digital solutions into existing workflows. However, as the message on the CDAP website states, this grant is currently fully subscribed, meaning no new applications are being accepted at this time. If your business has already secured this grant and your agreement has not expired, you can continue to access the CDAP portal for ongoing support. Compared to the second component of the CDAP grant, “Grow Your Business Online”, this one is suitable for businesses looking to strengthen their online presence and capabilities and offers a grant of up to $2,400. Eligible projects may include website development , e-commerce integration, digital marketing campaigns and other initiatives focused on expanding the company's digital footprint.
  • Is it still possible to submit your application for the CDAP “Grow Your Business Online ” grant program?
    An update confirming that the CDAP grant program is fully subscribed was released on February 19, 2024, and new applications for the “Boost Your Business Technologies” grant are no longer being accepted. However, you can still submit an application for the CDAP grant: “Develop your online business activities” and obtain up to $2,400.
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