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Success Story of Koala Auto Credit

How an Auto Financing Company Transformed Its Operations with a Tailored Solution!

Since its inception in January 2020, Koala Auto Credit, a company specializing in auto financing for those in need of a third chance at credit, has experienced an impressive rise. Through our strategic intervention and the implementation of a tailored solution, we have successfully resolved the operational challenges that hindered their growth.

Koala Auto Crédit | 3e chance au crédit

In this article, we will explore the success story of Koala Auto Credit and how we helped them transform their operations from manual management to a customized digital solution.

Problem Identification and Intervention

After six months of operation and financing over 400 contracts, Koala faced a significant operational bottleneck that forced them to slow down their sales. They could no longer keep up with the growing demand while ensuring quality service to their customers.

A simple balance inquiry could take up to 20 minutes to gather and provide the data to the client. Their manual process, from paper contract signing to data entry in Excel spreadsheets, was inefficient and tedious.

We quickly realized that we needed to help them revise their processes and find a digital solution tailored to their industry.

Tailored Solution

After a thorough analysis, we concluded that a tailored solution was the best approach to meet Koala Auto Credit's specific needs. That's when we entered into a partnership with Zoho to develop an application that would address all of their requirements. We created a comprehensive business management model that covers the entire contract lifecycle, from digitization to payment automation, follow-ups, expense management, and more.

Optimization and Results

The transition to this digital solution was completed in December 2020, marking a turning point for Koala Auto Credit. However, it's important to note that this transition is not solely technological. We also worked closely with Koala to optimize their internal processes, clarify roles and responsibilities, and implement management indicators. The goal was to free up internal resources from administrative tasks and allow them to focus on high-value activities for the company. Technology alone is never the entire solution!

Results that Speak for Themselves

The results have been remarkable. The application has simplified and streamlined Koala Auto Credit's operations management while providing increased visibility into the company's finances through centralized dashboards and detailed reports. This visibility has enabled them to make informed strategic decisions and maximize their growth. Our intervention has allowed Koala to maintain impressive growth over these three years, while ensuring operations management that matches it!

After three years of close collaboration, Koala has become a privileged partner with whom we have the opportunity to work continuously. We continue to evolve the application and their processes to support their vision and objectives.

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