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 Find Out How Our Zoho Assessment Can Transform Your Business

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Is your business facing major challenges that are hindering its optimal functioning?


Disordered processes

Issue :

Your internal processes are a complex maze, leading to delays, errors and loss of productivity.

Our audit:

Can help you simplify your processes, remove obstacles and automate tasks, allowing you to become more efficient and maximize your resources.

Issue :

Your data is scattered across multiple platforms, making it difficult to access crucial information. In addition, it frequently happens that duplicate data is formed, often due to poorly configured automation systems or a lack of rigor in entering information.

Our audit:

Can centralize your data, giving you full visibility and better decision-making. Additionally, we can identify the cause of duplicate data and rectify it, ensuring more accurate and reliable data quality.

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Scattered data


Misconfigured tools

Issue :

Your tools are not being used to their full potential due to inadequate configuration.

Our audit:

Can customize your tools to perfectly suit your needs, unlocking their power to achieve your goals.

Issue :

Operational inefficiencies impact your profitability by generating unnecessary costs.

Our audit:

Can reduce costs and optimize processes to increase your profitability.

Waste of time and money


Lack of competitiveness

Issue :

Lack of competitiveness in a rapidly changing business environment can lead to loss of market share and stagnant growth for your business.

Our audit:

Can identify areas where you need to improve your competitiveness, whether by optimizing processes, implementing more efficient Zoho technology solutions, or strengthening your business strategy. As a result, you will be able to maintain your position in the market and drive the growth of your business.

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The benefits of our operations audit

With our operations audit, you can:

Identify opportunities for improvement

Strengthen the competitiveness of your business

Maximize the use of your tools

Increase the profitability of your business

Printing Machine
Dezyne 90.jpg

Type of business: Printing

  • ​Clearly identified problem: Before using RAION Solutions and Zoho, Dezyne 90 faced major inefficiencies in managing quotes, orders, and invoices. The previous process was a “real nightmare.”

  • Inefficiency and waste of time: Everything was done manually with transcriptions on paper and re-entries in the accounting tool. This resulted in lost efficiency, wasted man hours, and additional costs due to errors.

  • Effective intervention by RAION Solutions: RAION conducted an audit of the company's operations and implemented a solution to eliminate manual processes.

  • Successful implementation of Zoho Books: Adopting Zoho Books eliminated most manual tasks, significantly increasing the team's efficiency.

  • Tangible results: The success of this implementation convinced Dezyne 90 to migrate their accounting to Zoho Books completely. The benefits are clearly stated: transformed business, automated processes and increased productivity.

  • Complete transition to a modern solution: The company moved from an archaic, manual process to a fully automated solution.

Zoho offers a range of applications to help

you better manage your business


Our complete service

Our service includes in-depth analysis, tailored strategic recommendations and a roadmap for optimizing your operations.

Three-phase approach


Our three-phase approach ensures a thorough understanding of your needs, concrete strategic recommendations, and a roadmap for your success.

Take action today

Don't let your inefficiencies hold you back. Start your journey toward operational efficiency today. Find out how to profit from your business!

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