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Support for digital transformation in SMEs: 3 points of resistance.

Resistance 1: Cost uncertainty.

When it comes to supporting SMEs in digital transformation, a common concern among business owners when it comes to hiring an IT consultant comes from the uncertainty regarding the costs associated with these services. Very few consultants indicate the price clearly on their websites. This can lead to some worry about being overcharged or investing in areas that may not be worth the returns.

Depending of the size and financial situation of the company, bringing in a consultant can often be a more cost-effective option compared to hiring a full in-house IT team. For example, according to Glassdoor, the average salary of a CTO in Montreal is $146,687 per year, with additional compensation of up to $23,489. Also, the average salary of an IT administrator in Montreal is $66,698 per year, while that of a technical support employee is $49,184 per year. Some small businesses generate revenue lower than $286,000.

An IT consulting firm is the right fit for a company in this situation. Much to the surprise of some business owners, consulting services may be less expensive than they think. Just book a consultation.

Not only this could potentially be economically advantageous, it also offers high-level tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of the company, in addition to a diversified assessment. Moreover, the access to a wide array of expertise, thanks to a solid team of IT professionals .

Resistance 2: The illusion of believing that know it all.

Many business owners probably think that they already have all the necessary digital tools and information, thereby assuming they can do without the services of a consultant. IT software providers often highlight the ease of use of their software products. This can blindly give businesses the impression that they do not need outside help.

Therefore, having the tools in your possession does not necessarily guarantee optimal use or a coherent digital strategy . Develop a comprehensive digital strategy that promotes the creation of a fluid and orderly ecosystem. Here's another reason to hire a consultant. This is not just limited to providing a one-off solution to a specific problem.

As the saying goes, “Owning a paintbrush does not make you an accomplished artist like Van Gogh". Likewise, owning digital tools does not guarantee success and the best of usage.

Resistance 3: Downplaying the importance of digital transformation.

Some business owners may not feel that it's a pressing need for having a digital transformation . Some are satisfied with tools like google calendar ,gmail and google sheets to handle the full customer lifecycle experience. True, these tools are cost efficient and can do a lot. However, once your customer based starts growing your workflow is all over the place and starts to look like spaghetti .Why?

When dealing with customers, there are three main phases. First , the process of attracting and acquiring new customers , second to servicing existing ones and third, maintaining communication with past customers. This require some thinking. Digitization is certainly much more than the adoption of tools! It involves optimizing processes, automating tasks, and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Digital tools can serve as a powerful lever for business growth, enabling better performance measurement, more effective data collection and analysis, and smarter decision-making.

Hiring an IT consultant can help business owners understand the potential impact of digital tools on their business, teach them best practices and support them in their digital transformation.

In conclusion, it is important to consider the possible benefits of such collaboration, although small business owners may be reluctant to hire an IT consultant. Take advantage of a Canadian federal government program that subsidizes support for SMEs in digital transformation.

They can provide specialist assessment, a personalized approach and a valuable external perspective, to help businesses overcome obstacles, optimize their use of digital tools and accelerate their growth.

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